Global Health True Leaders is a leadership training that aim to address the lack of leadership skill as well as collaboration across sector and profession within One Health Workforce in tackling zoonotic disease. GHTL Batch 5 was conducted with 5-days-in class training followed by 2-days field work and leadership initiative program in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia on August 19-25, 2015.

Involving number of 74 participants from students and young professional represent seven disciplines of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Nutrition, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Engineering. GHTL Batch 5 invited five distinguished trainers from Tufts University, INDOHUN member faculties, and Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture – The National Committee of Zoonoses Control, to share their knowledge and experience for enhancing participant’s capacity, they are Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, DVM, M.Sc., Ph.D; Prof. Stanley Fenwick, BVMS, M.Sc., Ph.D; Prof. Adik Wibowo, MD, MPH, Dr.PH; Dr. Ni Nyoman Sri Budayanti, MD, Sp.MK(K).; and Rama Prima Syahti Fauzi, DVM, M.Si.

During Global Health True Leaders, participants were conditioned and challenged with Global Health issue and problem that required them to communicate using English. GHTL is a comprehensive training since it equips the participant with important values, such as:
Participants were trained to be true leaders who have strategic skills including effective communication and dealing with the wide range of leadership action from high-level in intellectual setting by conducting simulation of national coordination meeting about outbreak that must give strong argumentation using English to the ground-level by serving district community as front liner health professionals through fieldwork. During GHTL Batch 5, INDOHUN set the agenda strictly so that participant learned that discipline is the important element as true leaders. In collaboration with Regional Police Command of West Kalimantan, an outbound of leadership initiative program on August 25, 2015 was held as a field experience to build and strengthen participants’ team work, self-resilience, and problem solving skill through various challenges of military obstacles, such as mud run, raffling from 20 meters height, stairs obstacle, log wall, rope climb, and cargo nets.

Global Perspective
Participants were exposed and taught to build global perspective inside their mind through materials and the role play. In one of GHTL role play, participant played a role as a stakeholder who tried to deliver a press release on given problem about outbreak which required them to give strong opinion and position in addressing journalist interrogatory.

Working Multi-sectoral and Across Professions
The Global Health True Leaders was designed to enhance interaction between participant through case study, role play, and group assignment that required solution from multi-sectoral perspective from across profession. During GHTL, participants were grouped in small group that consist of various profession and every participants had opportunity to be a group leader since the leader should change each day.

Subsequent to in-class training, participants skill particularly on community engagement were built up since they had to perform health promotion for children, youth, local community, and cattleman in a remote area in West Kalimantan. The fieldwork had strengthened their unity within their diversity (Bhineka Tunggal Ika) to achieve their common goal. GHTL also taught participant to respect the diversity of Indonesia cultures through group performance including traditional dance, poem, and theatricals in GHTL culture night.
GHTL Batch 5 has provided new true leaders with global perspective, uphold strong leadership value to collaborate across sector and profession, and apprise culture value within both community and health regulatory hierarchy. The successful execution of GHTL this year, multi-sectoral contribution, and support from all parties involved will become strong inspiration to us in continuing and bringing this program to the new level in the upcoming year. So that, the benefits of this ‘Global Health True Leaders’ program can be shared and expand to as many potentials health workforces as possible and to national, regional, and international level.

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