Dear OHTRAC Participant,

Congratulations! You have been selected as one of the only 104 participants to learn this March 21-23 in Surabaya. We truly appreciate your effort to join OHTRAC Workshop. For those who got selected, we will send the confirmation letter within this week. Please kindly search your name in the list below.

No Name Class Scholarship
1 Abdillah Farkhan OH Research Gold
2 Aditya Doni Pradana OH Research Gold
3 Aghnia Dima Rochmawati OH Community Outreach Gold
4 Ahmad Fizri Afriandana OH Community Outreach Gold
5 Ahmad Hidayat OH Community Outreach Silver
6 Aji Winarso OH Teaching Platinum
7 Alfi Lailiyah OH Community Outreach Gold
8 Alfiana Laili Dwi Agustin OH Teaching Platinum
9 Alissa Sita Pertiwi OH Community Outreach Silver
10 Anggun Wulandari OH Community Outreach Platinum
11 Ani Nidia Listianti OH Teaching Platinum
12 Aria Ika Septana OH Research Gold
13 Asmaripa Ainy OH Teaching Platinum
14 Ayu Sekarani Damana Putri OH Research Platinum
15 Baso Yusuf OH Teaching Platinum
16 Candrika Dini Khairani OH Community Outreach Gold
17 Cynthia Dewi Gaina OH Research Platinum
18 Daniel Happy Putra OH Research Gold
19 David Kusmawan OH Research Gold
20 Deasy Handayani Purba OH Community Outreach Platinum
21 Deon Wibatsu Kristiawan OH Community Outreach Gold
22 Desak Ayu Wayan Fransisca OH Research Silver
23 Dewi Sartika OH Community Outreach Platinum
24 Dhandy Koesoemo Wardhana OH Research Silver
25 Didik Pramono OH Research Gold
26 Dini Widianti OH Teaching Gold
27 Dordia Anindita Rotinsulu OH Research Gold
28 Dwitania Manvi OH Community Outreach Gold
29 Edwin Nugroho Njoto OH Research Silver
30 Eliza Avianty OH Community Outreach Gold
31 Elsa Fitriana OH Research Silver
32 Erdianta S OH Community Outreach Platinum
33 Eustachius Hagni Wardoyo OH Teaching Platinum
34 Evi Fitriany OH Teaching Platinum
35 Fajar Budi Lestari OH Research Gold
36 Fajar Shodiq Permata OH Teaching Silver
37 Fauzi Budi Satria OH Research Platinum
38 Fauzie Rahman OH Teaching Platinum
39 Fenny Etrawati OH Teaching Platinum
40 Fitri Kurnia Rahim OH Research Gold
41 Frans Yosep Sitepu OH Research Platinum
42 Harpiana Rahman OH Community Outreach Platinum
43 Havan Yusuf OH Research Gold
44 Helga J. N. Ndun OH Community Outreach Platinum
45 I Made Subagiarta OH Teaching Platinum
46 Ira Gustina OH Research Gold
47 Irwandi Rachman OH Teaching Platinum
48 Ismi OH Community Outreach Platinum
49 Ivan Limanjaya OH Research Gold
50 Jamilatu Navera OH Community Outreach Gold
51 Kadek Ridoi Rahayu OH Community Outreach Platinum
52 Karolin Adhisty OH Teaching Platinum
53 Kurnia Widyastuti OH Community Outreach Gold
54 Kusmayra Ambarwati OH Research Gold
55 Laeli Nur Hasanah OH Community Outreach Gold
56 Lailia Dwi Kusuma Wardhani OH Research Silver
57 Leonardo Alfonsius Paulus Lalenoh OH Community Outreach Gold
58 Loriza Sativa Yan OH Community Outreach Platinum
59 Mahathir OH Teaching Platinum
60 Maria Aega Gelolodo OH Community Outreach Platinum
61 Maria Thresia Poso Teku OH Community Outreach Platinum
62 Martini OH Teaching Gold
63 Meithyra Melviana Simatupang OH Community Outreach Gold
64 Mochamad Iqbal Nurmansyah OH Teaching Gold
65 Mona Lestari OH Community Outreach Platinum
66 Muchsin Maulana OH Research Gold
67 Muhamad Jauhar OH Research Gold
68 Muhammad Rinaldi Sufri OH Community Outreach Platinum
69 Neni Pangesti OH Teaching Platinum
70 Ngakan Putu Anom Harjana OH Community Outreach Platinum
71 Ni Wayan Septarini OH Teaching Platinum
72 Nina Fentiana OH Research Platinum
73 Nurul OH Teaching Platinum
74 Nyoman Agus Jagat Raya OH Teaching Platinum
75 Priscilla Caroline Kandou OH Research Platinum
76 Putri Pandarangga OH Teaching Platinum
77 Putu Cri Devischa Gallantiswara OH Research Gold
78 Putu Yunita OH Community Outreach Platinum
79 Rahmi Garmini OH Research Platinum
80 Richfa Yani OH Research Platinum
81 Rima Ayusinta OH Community Outreach Platinum
82 Riski Malimpa OH Community Outreach Gold
83 Rizqiyah OH Community Outreach Gold
84 Roza Azizah Primatika OH Teaching Gold
85 Ruli Aulia OH Community Outreach Gold
86 Ryan Rachmad Nugraha OH Research Gold
87 Seila Zhafira OH Community Outreach Platinum
88 Shafia Khairani OH Teaching Silver
89 Sifa Fauzia OH Research Gold
90 Siwi Pramatama Mars Wijayanti OH Research Gold
91 Suci Destriatania OH Teaching Platinum
92 Sulistyawati OH Research Gold
93 Suriyani OH Teaching Gold
94 Swandari Paramita OH Research Platinum
95 Syafran Arrazy OH Teaching Gold
96 Taufan Asrisyah Ode OH Teaching Platinum
97 Taufik Ashar OH Teaching Platinum
98 Teguh Suranta Sinulingga OH Research Silver
99 Vera Yulyani OH Community Outreach Platinum
100 Wa Ode Santa Monica OH Teaching Platinum
101 Yunita Astriani Hardayati OH Teaching Gold
102 Yusnita OH Teaching Gold
103 Yustini Ardillah OH Teaching Platinum

Platinum: Accomodation, Airfare, Registration Fee, Training Kit
Gold: Accomodation, Ground Transportation, Registration Fee, Training Kit
Silver: Accomodation, Registration Fee, Training Kit

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