Join a growing global network of university faculty who are the leaders of health security education and stewardship. This is an opportunity to work with like-minded international educators to learn how to develop and implement a robust health security curriculum at your home institutions. Through the program, you will be mentored by U.S. university faculty and curricula development experts.

Program Overview

The 2017 Health Security Stewards Fellowship is designed for university faculty who represent the future of education and stewardship for global health security and diplomacy. The yearlong program begins with a weeklong Training Institute organized by faculty from Cornell University and Georgetown University. The Institute focuses on training Fellows on pre-made course modules as well as developing their own materials for a global health security curriculum. Fellows are expected to use their training to deliver a lecture or series of lectures on global health security at their own universities.

The weeklong Institute is followed by yearlong mentorship which prepares Fellows to develop and deliver a health security curriculum at their university. The Fellowship is an interdisciplinary program which addresses a broad set of themes, including:

  • Science and technology policy
  • Food security
  • Global health
  • Public diplomacy
  • Biodefense and counter terrorism
  • Gender disparity and development
  • Nonproliferation


  • Full-time or adjunct faculty of the life sciences, public and global health, international relations, foreign policy, science & technology, development, and/or diplomacy
  • English proficiency
  • Valid passport and ability to travel abroad to the Stewards Fellowship Training Institute workshop
  • Commitment to participate in all aspects of the program including:
    • weeklong Stewards Fellowship Training Institute
    • yearlong virtual mentoring by HSP experts
    • development and delivery of health security curriculum at home institution
    • required activities, assessments, and evaluation of the program

Criteria for Selection

  • Demonstrated ability to work with diverse teams and interest in cross-cultural exchange
  • Leadership capacity to share knowledge with colleagues in home country
  • Institutional commitment to Fellow’s participation in the program

Expectations & Opportunities

  • Attendance at the Stewards Fellowship Training Institute
  • Active participation in mentoring over the year following the Institute
  • Development and delivery of health security lectures or course at home institution


  • The application period for the 2017 Stewards Fellowship in Indonesia is now open! Please apply before July 10, 2017.




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